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Why Express Medical Billing

Nearly 25 percent of all medical practice income is lost due to issues associated with billing, coding and other practice management services. At Express Medical Billing, we have made it our responsibility to develop transparent solutions for our clients resulting in increased cash flow, office efficiency and overall peace of mind.


  • We handle diverse specialties and tailor our spectrum of services to meet your unique practice needs. Our adaptability to any practice or specialty encourages new partnerships.


  • We understand your time is valuable, which is why all of our clients have personal access to our owners. And, you can always reach a live representative when you call.
    • No two doctors or practices are the same. Our clients sometimes need customized reports, which we create upon request. We have developed hundreds of various reporting tools that we use to provide additional safeguards for auditing our accuracy, finding errors and improving the quality of our service.


  • When we pick up accounts from other billing services, our clients have indicated that the degree to which we follow-up on claims is better than their previous arrangement.
    • One in five claims is processed inaccurately, but EMB has less than 2% of claims rejected on the first submission, oftentimes under 1%.
    • We are dedicated to our clients, and treat your money like it’s our own. We understand what happens to a claim once it leaves our office, and will process appeals if necessary.
    • When clients come to us from other billing services, we are dedicated to putting them on the right path to financial success. We evaluate your past accounts and will work hard to recover lost revenue from in-house billing or previous billing companies.


  • Constant changes to government regulation and insurance company policies make medical billing a complex part of the healthcare industry. Our clients have found that our flexibility enables success even when certain industry standards prove overwhelming.
    • We accept data from our clients in many different formats.
    • Unlike other medical billing companies, we offer credentialing services at no additional cost.
    • Our solutions are software-oriented and do not require expensive computers along with monthly hardware and software maintenance fees.
    • We are adaptable to any practice or specialty. In fact, if a client plans on transforming their practice completely, we look forward to making that transition as seamless as possible.


  • We believe it is our responsibility to be experts in medical billing. We strive to eliminate errors by scrubbing each claim before it leaves our office for billing.
    • We understand there are penalties for not complying with industry standards and regulations, which is why we actively prepare for these changes well in advance.
    • We educate our staff on Medicare, Medicaid and insurance policies.
    • We ensure our clients have appropriate, up-to-date knowledge to educate patients on coverage prior to services being rendered.
    • We run customized reports on data we entered to ensure there are no overlooked coding errors.
    • We audit everything keyed prior to sending to our clearinghouse. In fact, EMB is frequently recognized by our clearinghouse for our accuracy in claims transmissions.

Real-Time Results

  • We offer software-oriented solutions at a competitive price, so our clients can experience accessibility and results in real-time.
    • We provide current data for our clients to access online, 24/7.
    • Some competitors lease hardware as part of their solution, which greatly increases their fees. No additional hardware is required when you contract with EMB.
Express Medical Billing

Express Medical Billing has been instrumental in helping my fledging practice grow into viability… Before I found them, I nearly abandoned my practice model entirely. Now, however, I am grateful for their service, as well as my choice to stay the course.Dr. Jerry Bruggeman, MD