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Our clients know us best—see how EMB has helped doctors across all specialties develop streamlined billing and management solutions.

“We have been a client of Express Medical Billing for the past two years and have been quite pleased with the services they have provided. Their customer service and knowledge of medical billing have exceeded our expectations. They have adapted some of their services to accommodate the unique aspects of our practice and, in the process, have helped us optimize our workflow and allowed us to practice more efficiently. They have been a pleasure to work with and we are grateful for the services they provide.” Dr. Jay Seltzer, MD

“I have worked with Express Medical Billing for over three years now. They have been wonderful in helping me transition from working at a counseling agency to going into private practice. I appreciate their expertise and professionalism and recommend them to all of my colleagues.”Ingrid McCarty, MSW, LCSW, ACSW

“I have been a customer of Express Medical Billing for the last four years. They have been doing our durable medical equipment billing to Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance in several states. I chose Express Medical because they listened to the concerns I had with the different pay sources, the challenges that my prior billing company could not overcome and they were very effective in finding solutions to those challenges. Any billing company can bill for the easy money, it is the harder claims that Express Medical Billing stays on like a hound dog until they get the money collected.” Michael Bender, OTR/L, ATP, CDRS, CFTS

“Express Medical Billing has been instrumental in helping my fledgling practice grow into viability. Their expertise, customer service and high standards of professionalism are exceedingly difficult to find elsewhere. I came to them with a veritable mess of claims – old and new – and they calmly sorted through it all and set me on the proper path. Before I found them, I nearly abandoned my practice model entirely. Now, however, I am grateful for their service, as well as my choice to stay the course.” Dr. Jerry Bruggeman, MD

“Express Medical Billing has provided our hospitalist group with flawless services. They have completely taken the worry out of billing. In addition to managing our billing and accounts receivable, they also:

  • Handle credentialing and re-credentialing of all physicians in the group
  • Take patient calls and inquiries
  • Issue patient and insurance refunds
  • Answer inquiries from all members of the group
  • Manage all correspondence mail (DEA re-certification, license renewal, BNDD renewal)
  • Set-up and maintain EFTs
  • Balance bill patients – after insurance processes

I find it especially helpful to view our results online whenever I wish, and I appreciate very much being able to speak with a professional who understands billing and has the expertise to answer our questions. They are a perfect fit for our hospitalist group, and I’m pleased to give them our highest recommendation.”Vladimir Milo, MD

“Hello there, my name is Dr. Duane Marquart. We’ve used Express Medical Billing for the past 10 years or so. We have a radiology practice and we also have a chiropractic practice. We have used Express Medical Billing exclusively for our billing and they do a super job, submitting claims, following up on claims, following up on patient billings, they do it all. They have a great staff. The owners are super motivated, super dedicated. One thing that really impresses me is that as the times change, so do they. They keep things modern. They keep things fresh. I strongly recommend Express Medical Billing for your services.”Dr. Duane Marquart, DACBR, DC

Express Medical Billing

They have been a pleasure to work with and we are grateful for the services they provide.Dr. Jay Seltzer, MD