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Services Offered

We believe that a medical billing service should provide more than simple data entry and claim submissions. For over 20 years, EMB has been exceeding our clients’ expectations beyond the billing process as we work diligently to manage every aspect of claims, report results and provide outstanding service.

Not only do we have a thorough understanding of medical billing, we track local and federal insurance regulations—changes that impact your cash flow. Our experience and resources ensure you receive the highest level of reimbursements.

Medical Billing

  • Data Entry: We will key medical services provided to your patients, or you can enter this data yourself via a variety of methods. Our programs scrub your claims, ensuring the accuracy of that data before the information is sent to insurance carriers.
    • Electronic submissions via Gateway EDI clearinghouse save time, eliminate paperwork, and improve your cashflow.
  • Payment Entry: Our efficient process ensures you get paid in a timely manner.
    • Most of the payments received by the clients from insurance companies are sent via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). We set up all carriers with available EFT payments so you can receive your carrier remittances directly into your bank account, improving your cash flow by several days over the mail process. EFT is safe, secure, efficient and less expensive than paper check payments and collections.
    • We accurately post Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to individual patient accounts.
    • We post HIPAA-compliant Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) to individual patient accounts.
    • Insurance payment posting is often automated to ensure accuracy.
    • For most clients, claim payment averages can be as low as 14-18 days.
  • Patient Billing & Issues
    • We balance bill your patients with easy-to-understand patient statements that are accompanied by an addressed return envelope.
    • At EMB, we handle any and all patient inquiries. Our telephone number—and extension to an EMB staff member knowledgeable about your account—appears on all statements, so patients can call us directly.


  • Delivering quality health care depends on capturing accurate and timely medical data. At EMB, we have CPC—certified coders on staff to assist with any coding questions you may have. ICD-10 has made coding a daunting task, but we are ready to offer advice to help maximize our clients’ reimbursements.
  • We actively prepare for upcoming insurance changes, as we believe early integration is the key to ensuring improved efficiencies and lower administrative costs for our clients.


The Federal Reserve reports that more than half of all accounts in collections are medical accounts.

  • At Express Medical Billing, you will never have to worry about a claim once it is filed—we always follow up.
  • After issuing three patient bills, we provide detailed reports itemizing “cold” accounts for client review and will work closely with collection agencies, if necessary.
  • Our patient debt department is available to assist with front end collection questions, in addition to setting up a specific soft collection plan for your practice, including options for courtesy calls to your patients and setting up payment plans.

Credentialing Services

  • Unlike other medical billing companies, we offer complete credentialing services at no additional cost. We handle all aspects of carrier enrollments, so our clients can offer in-network benefits to their patients. EMB also handles address changes, physician additions, EDI enrollments, and even complete practice transformations.
  • We use CAQH to manage our clients’ credentialing information. With the CAQH ProView service, we can easily access, manage and revise your information instantly.
  • We also work with NPPES and PECOS to ensure a smooth contracting process from start to finish.

Customized Reports

  • With our end-of-month reporting, we provide many different tools designed to help our clients clearly analyze their performance in areas that have the greatest impact on their practice’s financial health.
  • Many of our clients like to receive specific medical data ranging from specific services to patient population to financials. Our team works to develop comprehensive, transparent reports whenever you need them, so you can see real-time results and determine future success.
  • Our software has a wide variety of accounts receivable, practice analysis and daily summary reports that you can print at your convenience.

Online/Software Access

  • Through our software-oriented solutions, we offer our clients a variety of additional monitoring capabilities and efficiencies. Our clients can track the status of any claim, see any rejected claims, view remittances from the carrier and monitor results.
    • Our clients can verify patient insurance eligibility online—Medicare & Medicaid, BlueCross BlueShield and many others—improving the accuracy of information received and eliminating delays at patient check-in.
    • In addition, patients can easily enter their payments online, improving your cash flow.
  • We use state-of-the-art medical software solutions, where all aspects of the software operate as a comprehensive unit, providing you with all of the tools needed to manage and run your office efficiently and effectively.
    • Our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system has achieved ONC HIT 2014 edition Complete Ambulatory EHR certification and supports meaningful use measures required to qualify eligible providers and hospitals for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Clients can enter progress notes with customized templates, review historical patient data, order labs online, write and send scripts electronically, and check drug interaction from your desktop.
    • With our Medical Management System, patient statements are produced electronically and are easy to understand. With the electronic remittance feature, insurance payments can be auto-posted to ensure accuracy. Our system can tell you the status of your receivables both by insurance carriers and the responsible party.
      • We also have an entire suite of Practice Analysis reports to help track the productivity of the practice by diagnosis, procedure, carrier, clinician, and referral source.
    • Our Appointment Scheduling System simplifies the task of finding the right date and time for both you and your patients to meet. You can track patients from the moment the appointment is made until the day of their visit, and collect and record co-pays at patient check-in.
      • Customize your schedule with up to 99 column headings and color code appointment types, utilize search routines and pop-up calendars, check eligibility or account balance prior to visits to avoid check-in delays, and track missed, moved and canceled appointments to ensure all visits are recorded.
  • We partner with MD Tech to offer our clients an integrated iPhone charge capture solution. This service simplifies charge entry, improves the accuracy of coding and patient demographics, and speeds your claims to the billing process.
  • We also have experience accessing a number of other EHR programs, such as Practice Fusion, Kareo, E-Clinical Works, Care360, and Office Ally. We want your office workflow to be as smooth as possible! We will create a process for your charges to fit your needs as well as ours.
Express Medical Billing

Any billing company can bill for the easy money; it is the harder claims that Express Medical Billing stays on like a hound dog until they get the money collected.Dr. Michael Bender, OTR/L, ATP, CDRS, CFTS